Sally WAS a hoarder see her Story!

" I haven't seen the floor in four years" Watch Sally tell her story. (click here for video)

Sally is one of many of our success stories. As hoarding is a very taboo subject its often brushed under the carpet. Lots going on in the world who wants to know what's going on next door unless it actually affects you!

Sally's one of the lucky ones, who decided before she lost her home and all quality of life she needed help.

N. Gervais Cleaning Service was the one she turned to after being visited by two other cleaning services suggested by the Council.

We offer a confidential service you can trust. Sally worked hard along side us to get her life and home back on track. With much thought she decided she wanted to help others in her or similar situation. So she decided to tell her story, we are happy she did. If she can do it so can you.

The kitchen before and after.

With our service we provide aftercare to help maintain the clean. So you have constant support.

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