1.5 - 3 million People suffer with Compulsive Hoarding in the U.K!

Compulsive Hoarding has become a serious problem for the people that suffer with this condition.

Sufferers feel the need to hold on to things that often have no monetary value, this can often be house hold rubish at times even unsanitary. Causing them to lose the normal function of their home. Not able to use their bathroom or kitchen, bedrooms and lounge for the purpose it's meant for.

Some sufferers live in total isolation due to embarrassment and shame. Some live in total denial of their condition. For some it's just a big dirty secret. Not knowing where to turn. Some turn to their local authorities for help.

Which seems to be a good idea at the time because their at their wits end.  9 times out of 10 this has had the adverse effect. Once the local authorities get involved instead of referring sufferers for help they need. They are offered a support worker who often has no real experience in this type of mental condition. The authorities assume the best way forward, is to clear the premises! Which is not always the case. Counselling is often the best way forward.

Then cleaning can commence. Talking to cousellors regarding this, it's recommended that the person in question needs to take responsibility! By participating in the actual clean up.

By helping to sort the mess they have created.

Local authorities tend to go into a hoarders home and remove everything. The hoarder is more likely to re- hoard!

An uncluttered mind is an uncluttered home!

Just imagine feeling anxious not knowing how to regain control your mind stopping you from doing what you need to do? Knowing you can't live like this, you don't want to live like this, but you can't help yourself out of a vicious cycle. Constantly adding to the problem. 

Months turns into years. Totally out of control having made the promises to ones self day after day saying I will start tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. We do it to,  that diet we're going to start, that task we are going to do, but never seems to get done. 

We all have good intentions to do that one thing we have been meaning to do for ages!

It's no different with a hoarder!  The intention is there but the mind isn't willing!


our services tomorrow, does come!

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