This is for you Students!

Most students have finished Uni for this year! Hooray!!!

Exams are over so now it's time to relax. Well that's what we non students think lol.

Being a parent of two ex Uni students I know all about the stress a student faces.

When both my kids went to Uni we spent months looking for the right accommodation. There were so many things we had to do and as a parent I wanted the best for both.

Both kids decided to stay in halls for their first year. Which was at the time a great idea. I went to look at the accommodation, it was adequate and simple. There wasn't much of an inventory. There was a bed, built in cupboards a lamp, built in desk and a single chair. To keep cost down they went for shared living space which consisted of two shower rooms and two toilets, a kitchen diner and that was it. (accommodation has advance since then)

The room was very clean. When they picked up their keys we went to clean. I still added some more in depth cleaning, but to be fair it wasn't needed. Now this was 6-7 years ago.

When my son finished his first year he happened to be the last student on his floor to leave. Everyone had cleaned their rooms and left leaving him the responsibility of the whole floor.

My son called me saying if he doesn't clean all the other areas he and the other students will not get their deposit back. So I went to his rescue. I blitzed the place. This included cleaning out the fridges (three in all) the cupboards and two cookers. We had to clean all the toilets on his floor, the shower rooms corridor and the kitchen diner. At the time I didn't think it was fair that my son had the full responsibility of cleaning everywhere considering it was shared. He was the unfortunate one. I did the clean because I wanted my son to get his deposit back so it could go towards his new accommodation.

I handed the keys back to the Letting Agency as his tenancy ended. No one from the letting agency came out to check at the time, so we had to rely on their honesty. Two weeks later my son and the other students received their full deposit back.

Click the pic!

Student accommodation is big business, even though students have the unions and other organisations including deposit protection schemes. I've come to realise there is a major loop hole. A lot of students do not get their full deposit back for minor cleaning issues. Don't get me wrong some don't get their deposit back because of damages and serious cleaning issues. Click the picture above this is a prime example of an actual breakdown of charges a student was sent this month.

Student A cleaned the accommodation, asked for an inspection to be done. The letting agency expressed they had no time to visit, so student A had no choice but to post the keys through the letting agency's door. A week later student A received an email with a break down of charges. They had charged student A £205 out of the £350 deposit. When student A contacted the letting agent student A was told to dispute it with the deposit protection.

One of the charges included re-painting a wall that had previous water damage from a leaking pipe within the wall, this was in the communal area in the hallway. Other students complained they had experienced this with this agency. Student A's parents had to take over the case. This is only one case from many complaints over the years. As a parent I do not like injustice. I work with both sides the letting agencies and the students. I believe in giving a good service with good out comes for all my customers.

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