Cluttered Homes to Extreme Cleans.


Is your house getting a little cluttered? It can happen when life gets hectic, working a full-time job, looking after children or elderly parents.

Life can change in a moment causing everything around us to become a chore.

Or maybe you've suffered a bereavement causing everything to come to a stand still. Bereavement has been known to be one of the triggers as well as divorce or a traumatic event can cause Compulsive Hoarding.

You no longer have to live in shame or isolation. We have an expert Xtreme Team, that can help you to get your home and life back on track.

We offer full support for your clean up operation. With after care support for short term to long term.

Compulsive Hoarding is so misunderstood do not suffer in silence!!! call the Team that understands and cares.

How do I know if I'm a Hoarder?

Can't throw items away.

Become anxious if having to do so.

Collecting items in an unorganised manner.

Unable to utilise rooms for there intended purpose.

Floor space minimal.

Feeling isolated, embarrassed or ashamed.

Not allowing family members into your home.

Not knowing where to start.

Five Major warning signs of hoarding!

Chronic disorganisation:

*This impedes your ability to function. You can't find your keys, your purse, your wallet, your mobile phone. You're chronically delayed getting out the door because of looking for things. A lot of us are disorganised, but this goes further. It gets in the way of your normal daily activities.

Un-willing to allow anyone into your home:

*This happens when the clutter has become so bad that you are too embarrassed to let anyone see it.

*Most people suffering from hoarding feel tremendously isolated by their shame. When you do let people into your home, they're taken aback by the clutter and comment on it.

'Clutter blindness'

* Blocks people from realising how their home looks to others. Hearing concerns from someone you trust is a good warning sign.

Being distressed about your belongings:

*Many of us enjoy collecting. But have your accumulated belongings become a burden rather than a pleasure? Are you able to display all the collectibles?

If no, this has probably gone beyond understandable, healthy collecting and become hoarding.

Compulsive buying or acquiring:

*Do you bring home too much stuff? Perhaps it's shopping in person or online, or perhaps it's collecting free stuff.

* Realising that you're always coming home with more than you intend to pick up or with more than needed is a warning sign.

*Another sign is that your purchases sit unused or unopened.

Do you know someone who's house has gone from cluttered to hoarding over the years?

In the U.K up to 1.5- 3 million people suffer with Compulsive Hoarding.

Hoarding is a disorder where someone acquires an excessive amount of items and stores them in a chaotic manner.

This amount of clutter varies and often holds no monetary value.

The amount of clutter affects everyday life. For some the person is unable to use their kitchen or bathroom (this is in extreme cases) or cannot gain access to other rooms in the house.

This is a health and safety issue and a fire hazard!

Many sufferers who hoard have strong beliefs that there is a need for these things and they are of importance to them and find it hard to throw anything away.

With the right counselling and support a sufferer can eventually live a normal life.

There is hope.

After counselling what happens next? This person now needs a clean up team, to help this person actually clear the years of clutter they have accumulated.

The local authorities do not take responsibility for the clean up unless its an empty council property.

As the tenant, it is your responsibility to keep the property within a certain standard.

To comply with your tenancy. If a complaint is made to the council or housing association regarding your property, it will be followed up.

Council/housing association have the duty of care to investigate any complaints made.

If the property is deemed a fire hazard. The council/housing association have the right to seek possession or an order to quit. 

Giving you notice to quit the premises or clean it to a liveable standard at the cost to yourself.

Depending on the level of clutter this can be costly. We have made it affordable by offering interest free monthly payments plans.          


Who has duty of care? Only 5% out of nearly 3 million estimated hoarders become known to the local authorities/mental heath team or support organisations.

Councils, housing associations private landlords and letting agents are governed by law to provide a Gas Safety check once a year for their tenants.


Question is how are hoarded homes going unnoticed for years?

Sad facts:

Privately owned homes go unnoticed for years especially with elderly occupants.

The tenant who will not allow access into the property to carry out maintenance works.

Over grown gardens not being maintained. The signs are there!

The sad fact is often our Xtreme Team will go into a property after a person is deceased to clear the years of hoarding. 

Do not suffer in silence there is support out there!

* Contact your local GP.

* Go online seek support groups in your area.

* Contact your housing officer, explain the situation. If you feel you can do that.

* Contact us and we will give you all the advice we can offer.

Help is out there! If you do not know who to call, call us! the pictures above are real! The video below is real!

We just want to show you the the extent a clutter can become, to the point the home becomes unusable for its original purpose.

Do not suffer in silence!

Our quotes are free and so is our advice. Please contact us today if you are on an eviction order or notice to seek possession. We offer this service for properties for re-sale or re-let.

Please do not delay call or text our Xtreme Team anytime.

07463 277177

We would rather clean your home before it gets to that stage.

Where it is affecting your physical and mental health. 

We work along side law firms, General Public. Local Authorities Private/landlords, Letting Agents, Non-Profit Organisations, NHS, OT, Adult Social Services, Empty Properties Team and many more. 

If you require we will also work along side Support Workers and other Organisations that understand hoarding conditions.

We offer a hands on service offering care and understanding for the sufferer at all times. 

We at all times support the sufferers by understanding, empathy, confidentiality, trust and respect at all times.

We always advise sufferers/family members to seek professional help if you are experiencing this situation. 

Support Groups and information.

Please call the numbers below to check for updates of services.

A good source of resources for hoarders.

Based in Birmingham, West Midlands:

Kaleidoscope: Support Group for Hoarders.

Enabling ongoing support to main control.

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 2pm-3.30pm

The Mezz, Hawthorns House, Halfords Lane, West Bromwich. B66 1BB

3rd Tuesday of every month 6.30pm-8pm

Haden Cross Fire Station, Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath. B64 7JU 

Contact Mary Hannibal 

0121 565 5605

Clouds End CIC:

Clouds end run three Support Groups in the West Midlands.

Here are a few others:

Hoardinguk- London



LifePod_ Scotland

Sandwell Healthy Homes Project.

"The condition of your home can affect your health and well being"

Based in Sandwell, West Midlands.

Contact: Cathy Leyser Healthy Homes Project Manager  0121 569 2935

We offer once the sufferer is receiving professional help an in depth clean up operation to restore the property to an environmentally safe home. We also offer the same service to: Local Authorities, Private Home Owners, Tenants,landlords,law firms during and after/probate and resales or re-lets.

Contact us for more details and a free Quote.

House Clearance clean/ Restoration Clean:

We offer this service for Private/Landlords, Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Tenants.  

We will come to the property and clean it to a high standard for re-let or sale  (This depends on the internal condition of the property you will be advised of this in the free quote) This service applies to anyone that needs the house to be emptied of any contents and cleaned to a high standard.

Restored to a re-let or re-sale condition. 

Contact us for a Free Quote:

Xtreme Team Coordinators: Caz & Tee

*0330 0883197 * WhatsApp Caz 0r Tee:07463277177 * 07805 278150



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