Registered Waste carrier:

Certificate of registration under, the waste 

(England and Wales) Regulation 2011.

Registration number: CBDU310995

Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office: ICO

Registration number: ZA208692

We are Trained in the following:

Infection control (UICP)

• Legal requirements • At risk groups

• Chemical guidelines • Micro-organisms

• Parasites • Viruses • Bacteria • The Chain of Infection • Means of Transmission

• Infection control procedures (UICPs)

• Hand washing • Hand drying • Physical decontamination • Colour coding

• Training requirements • Cleaning correctly • Dealing with spillages

• Biohazard kits • Handling sharps

• Specimens • Protective equipment (PPE) • Disposable gloves • Aprons • Masks

• Food hygiene • Personal hygiene • Laundry and linen • Clinical waste

• Communicable diseases Â

N Gervais cleaning Service
N Gervais cleaning Service
N Gervais cleaning Service

We are trained in the following:

CoSHH: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

*What substances hazardous to health are *Health responsibilities in the workplace* Safe storage * Safe disposal *Employer’s duties *Employee’s duties *Risk assessment  *The assessment process * What if something does go wrong? * Hazard warning labels * Data sheets (safety data sheets) * Chemicals *Diluting and decanting *Using chemicals safely *Substances are more than just chemicals *Waste - regular * Waste - clinical *Micro-organisms *Infection control *Communicable diseases *Fumes *Dust * Shavings * Respiratory hazards *Medication.

We are trained in the following: Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning and Bio-hazard Removal. Level 2

Accredited by Aim Awards/ Ofqual Organisation.

N Gervais cleaning Service
N Gervais cleaning Service